photographien ○ minute pinhole draws light to opposite side of a dark room this is the camera obscura invented by al-haazen ○ 1000 AD

This class made it official; you’re working with a professional photographer!

Project 1: Objects

Project 2: Egg

Project 3: Depth of Field / Bokeh Effect

Project 4: Time of Day Sunrise, Mid-day, and Sunset

Project: 5: Photo Journalism

Photo Composition: Motion and Panning

Photo Composition: Line

Project 6: Colors



Photo Composition: Rule of Odds

Photo Composition: Aperture Priority Mode, Hyperfocal Distance


Project 7: Line

Dimitry Art Exhibit

Bring Your Camera

Project 8: Motion-Freeze / Shutter Speed

Project 9: Close Up

Project 10: Self Portrait


Thank you for viewing my photos.
Please provide useful feedback so that I can improve myself technically and artistically.

Look closely at all the details of the photo, note anything that stands out- whether good or bad. Interpret what the photo makes you feel like and what it’s about. Point out any technicalities (how is the exposure, focus, motion blur, etc.), any artistic points, what you liked and disliked about the photo, and your overall opinion of the photos).

It’s amazing what a $125 DSLR can do… But it all depends on who’s capturing the photograph.

I had a great time with my fellow classmates learning new techniques and honing my skill in Photography Class at Farmingdale State College.

Thank you Professor Miller.

Adam Abraham


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