Peace Corps Info Session

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-On Tuesday, November 15th, 2016, Farmingdale State College hosted a info session on Peace Corps: A Paid Volunteer Opportunity for college graduates seeking work experience. The event was hosted by Professor Brannigan-Wisniewski as part of SUNY Farmingdale’s International Awareness Week. The guest speaker, Helen Jolly, is the Stony Brook University Campus Peace Corps Recruiter. She elaborated the many benefits of being part of Peace Corps.

Peace Corps is a government funded operation and was founded by John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, for 2 years you are placed in a community where your college degree helps the people get educated and provide healthcare opportunities, one of the top priorities for Peace Corps. Community and economic development are alongside these priorities. Youth development, although not so much in demand, is also an integral part of the program. During your volunteering opportunity you also have the ability to work on secondary projects. Business majors, those pursuing a healthcare degree, and teachers fit right into the criteria of what Peace Corps is looking for.

Part of the benefits include:

  • US Federal Check, paid out in local currency
  • 4 day weekend
  • Medical and dental Coverage
  • Training
  • No fee
  • Student loan deferment 
  • 30% to 70% Taken off of your Perkins Loans
  • Living stipend 
  • Vacation

Overall it was a very informative lecture given by the recruiter, Helen Jolly, with an opportunity for Questions and Answers, snacks and coffee on hand.

One question was related to working for the press or having some type of media opportunity during your Peace Corps experience to which Jolly responded that Peace Corps doesn’t interfere with its host country’s media channel and that more than likely that opportunity is not there. She did redirect the group attending to visit the website, specifically the job openings section to find something of your interest.

Helen Jolly takes time out to answer a student’s Healthcare related questions.

Group Photo of Professor Brannigan-Wisniewski with her Students


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