A Walk Down (History-in-the-Making) Lane… A Barricaded Fifth Avenue with President Elect Donald Trump; the Most Finest Real Estate being Debated whether or not to be Quarantined as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Meets 

 I was here for business…

Does the cube remind you of a historic and religious landmark? These guys sure do their research when they design the “Mecca” of all Apple Stores… When that line wraps around on an iPhone launch does it remind you of pilgrims making their way around the holy cube versus this corporate cube? Comment below of you’ve been enlightened on this psychoanalysis I personally made…

What turned out to be a very interesting night… two Police Officers were guarding, at least that’s what it seemed, the entrance of the Prada store… to which I had to ask: “Are you protecting the Prada store or the city, because there’s not much going on here.”

Trump Tower

wp-1479434018297.jpgwp-1479434018364.jpgPolo Ralph Lauren on 5th Avenue in NYCwp-1479434018539.jpg

Are you a Mac or a PC? Microsoft’s poor presence down the block from the Apple Store… I’m not a Max, iPhone, or iPad… I’m a PC but I love to capitalize on the iPhone market. Nothing too original from Microsoft as far as their store’s design. @DeadPresidents copycats are the one of forms of flattery. Flattery isn’t always a good thing. 





It’s funny how you can play with the photographic triangle.

wp-1479434018398.jpgIdols upon idols…


ABC News Reporter Behind the Scenes

Who’s that ABC news reporter outside Trump Tower? Sorry don’t watch local news unless it’s FiOS 1 or News 12… And usually when there’s any school closing or a storm to chase.  I’m a Long Islander remember? I’ve got a tweet going with this image so I’ll update as soon as I find out.


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