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I’m Adam, photojournalist, you can find me on Instagram @adxplicit.

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One of my most recent selphies... (keep scrolling)

One of my most recent selphies… (keep scrolling). Taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge #nofilter.

ADLXXXIV or AD 1986 is my birth year and the name of my media agency. I was born on the 1st of January and was the 1st New York baby that year.

I’ve been doing photography for half of my life… over 15 years. Last year I took a professional photography class and the hobby became a job I love!

You do not know how much I appreciate SDXC cards. Storage capacity and transfer speed are major deciding factors.

TOSHIBA PDR-M4 – My first 2.14 megapixel camera required quite a bit of convincing. Hence, one of my first digital “Selphie” 15 years ago (October, 2001) before it was called a “Selphie”.

You can see my work through various blog entries I’ve posted. Leave your constructive criticism… I’m always looking to make my work better technically and artistically.

I’m not a wedding photographer. I am, however, an event photographer, that photographs weddings (if it’s a party then I’m there!) I also run a very selective business of phototourism, a term that I coined.

I wonder at landscapes and portraits of beautiful people, regardless of how they look; that’s a matter of opinion. My subjects for panoramas are sometimes lighthouses, sometimes billboards. I can never stop thinking how many gorgeous women I can indefinitely capture. Once captured the image lives forever. I may pass onto the next world but my art remains.

My photos tell a story and I want my critics to tell that story. There’s an encrypted message for you to decode. I fill the spectrum with emotions, natural beauty, colors, scenery, and what defines my work is my mind that cannot stop working. I pay close attention to detail. I’ve had a diagnosis made on how my mind works, I’m not kidding.

I travel the world to capture anything and everything. I carry several cameras, record vjdeos in 4k and use the latest technology or the best when it comes to taking my photographs. I’ve been all across the eastern sea board of the United States. I’ve been to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi… I’ve traveled several times to the Levant and will be sharing photographs from all of my tours. I’ve visited several UNESCO heritage sites. I absolutely love language, cuisine, cultures, and international travel. The world gets entirely different when you step out of New York City.

My next trip is to Barcelona, Spain. Once the trip is approved, I will be studying abroad for my final semester at Farmingdale State College. I’m planning on being there from January through June 2018 (if you’re somewhere in Europe let me know if you would like my services during this time!)

At the age of 10 I was introduced to the World Wide Web by my brother at Polytechnic University (now NYU). I had been using Windows 3.1 prior to this. During those dial-up days it took a good minute to load a nice portrait shot of Pamela Anderson (this one in particular) but the universities were wired with High Speed Internet. I was fascinated. I scoured the internet… self-taught myself coding, graphic design, and the eventually photo and video-editing.

Yet another “selphie” dating back to MySpace days… when Facebook was just for us college students and not for extended family. Now we have SnapChat… let’s just wait for our Aunties to catch up. Yes, it’s ADLXXXIV.

My family thought I was a prodigy. My friend Tom stole my idea of having your face on a book but instead on paper it’s digital. Rupert Murdoch drove that idea into Hell. Someone always steals ideas, right?

5 Years Old Outside our Woodside House

I was also the subject of many (film) prints.

I’ve got my own business that I started back in 2007 manufacturing USB products, clothes, and exporting goods out to China and have a spinoff for my social media marketing. I’ve worked as a General Manager at UPS for 2 Years, Verizon as a District Manager over 4 years, and Samsung for about 6 months until I had to take a abrupt leave of absence (I was in the Emergency Room being operated on at 3 in the morning). The Samsung job wasn’t covered by FMLA when I recovered.

Since then, I’ve gone back to pursue my bachelor’s at Farmingdale State College in Business Management and Psychology. I’ve started vlogging, blogging, tweeting, snapping and continue my 2nd love: reading and writing. I coach, support, and get advice from 2000+ followers on my other Twitter account.

Next year I hope to get into a post-graduate program at Queens College or Brooklyn College in Mental Health Counseling.


27th Day of January 1986, NYC sent a photographer for my first photohoot!

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